I was here three years ago…

Yep, you heard correctly. I was here, on WordPress, a little over three years ago. It was my freshman year when I wrote my first blog and I think it was only a day or two later that I decided to deactivate that account. Having a blog is difficult to keep up with (which is why I deleted my original site).

But now I am realizing that blogs are not necessarily meant to be “kept up with.” There are no count-downs to when you are to post next. I think when I was a fresh(wo)man, I was trying to have as many followers, likes and comments. I was looking at the superficial aspects and benefits of having a blog and not from the perspective of writing my thoughts out because I can.

I kept a journal when I was younger, you know, the ones with a lock and key on it. The ones that would kill me if I found out someone opened it and read it. Now, I am wishing I kept that same blog when I was a freshman. I am wondering what I would have sounded like and how I would have changed.

But what I would have mostly liked to have seen was how God has worked in my life since freshman year. Here I am today, dedicating this WordPress site to my thoughts, feelings, experiences and seeing how God has and is currently working in my life.

‘Pick Pipit’ is for myself and is a way to process and vent. I am not concerned if no one ever reads this, but if someone does, then I just want to say ‘hey’ and that I hope I can invoke thought and conversation (whether you think I am correct or not).


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