It’s my (21st) birthday

I am definitely not a huge birthday person (when it is my own). I have a little bit of anxiety on my own birthday and I really dislike being in the spotlight for an entire day, so I try to brush it off with humor or a change of topic.

But what I realized today, was that, this day gave me the excuse to spend time with some really great friends. It was truly a special day and it made me realize how blessed I am to even have any friends- and good ones at that! Every gift and card I received today was incredible. But it was not even about the gifts, it was about the thought behind each item given to me. The gifts and how we spent our time together revealed to me how much my friends loved me and how well they knew me. I do not understand how I could deserve such individuals in my life. Seriously… I am stunned.

This post is more of a prayer. A prayer of thanksgiving. I thank You, Lord, for the friends You have put in my life. I thank You for friends that pour into me, encourage me, challenge me, keep me accountable, and attempt to love me as much as You love us. Thank You Jesus for being an unfailing friend, one who loves me unconditionally. Amen.


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