Jesus in school

I do not know the exact moment, but I became courageous about sharing Jesus in college than I had before. I have felt that I have been given many opportunities to write about Jesus in many of my classes.

I signed up for a one-credit women’s self defense class, which met once a week for two hours. I loved every minute of it and never missed a class. Although it was an “easy A,” the teacher had an opportunity for extra credit. The extra credit was to write a paper about any hero or heroine in our life. I already had an A in this class and completing this would not have made a difference in my grade. However, I still wrote the paper. The hero in my life that I wrote about was Jesus. I used this paper to describe the hope he gave to all of us and that He came to save us (what every comic hero should do). I wrote this paper two years ago and never heard a response from the teacher. I am praying that I planted a seed.

In my one-credit beginning yoga course, I had gained favor in the eyes of the instructor. She is a Korean, a mom, and also a graduate student. She became teary-eyed as shared with me her life in the U.S. and her dream to be a dance teacher. At the end of the half semester course, I gave her a thank you letter. In it, I also gave her a Knowing God Personally booklet, which is essentially a Spark Notes of the Gospel. I recently received an email from her expressing her gratitude and want to share one line from her email:

It was a little short time to get to know you, but I will also remember you for a long time.

She hugged me the last day of class and almost cried when I gave her the note.

Another seed planted.

These were two examples of Jesus in school. I do not know what will happen to these individuals, but I do know in a God who can make anything grow.


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