Thanks for holding the door.

It is no surprise that Americans are notorious for being impolite, entitled and prideful. ‘Please’ and ‘thank you’ are phrases that are not used as often anymore. An act of kindness is considered surprising instead of natural.

I was born in Syosset, New York and was raised in different parts of New Jersey for the majority of my life. I often say ‘yes sir’ or ‘thank you ma’am’ and receive a raised eyebrow in response. I am frequently asked, “are you from the south?” … No… why do I have to be from the south to be polite?

Sometimes I wonder if I should hold the door open for anyone anymore. I am easily angered when I hold the door for the person behind me and he does not even say “thank you.” Um, excuse me SIR, I just sacrificed my time and precious energy to hold that door for you… YOU’RE WELCOME! Thoughts of bitterness and ba-humbugs course through my head.

Then, I am reminded that my sacrifice accounts to absolutely nothing when compared to the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ. I have no clue what it feels to make a sacrifice as great as His. How terrible it is when I lose sight of the one whom I should be thanking every single day.

Thank You Lord for taking a dirty rag like me and cleansing me of all the filth. Thank You for Your ultimate sacrifice. Thank You for the breath in my lungs. I’m sorry Lord for being impolite, entitled and prideful. Thank You for loving me anyways. Amen.


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