Battle of the Parking Ticket(s)

In Syracuse, the parking is insane and you WILL get ticketed if you do not abide by the laws. The law enforcers are sticklers for the rules and if you walk away for just five minutes, you will find a ticket (or boot) on your car when you come back.

Yesterday was October 31st and today is November 1st (which are both odd days). In Syracuse you must switch the car from side to side with respect to odd and even days. I remembered the odd day rule and believed that I parked on the correct side for the two  days (I even made a diagram with dates of which side to park on to remind me).

Every Tuesday and Thursday, I wake up right before 6 am for work at 6:30a. Walking out my doors, I noticed that my car was the only car on its side. The rear of my car was in view while the windshield was not visible. I freaked out. I ran to my car and prepared to see a ticket sticking out from my windshield. To my surprise, there was none! Praise Jesus for saving me from a parking ticket! Had I not got out the doors at such a dreadful hour, I surely would have received a ticket.

Ironically, today, I had a hearing appointment about a parking ticket that I had received October 11th. I already been anxious about “pleading not guilty” for the first time ever.

After my shift at work, I came home for a short period of time before heading early to my 9:30am hearing time. I attempted to read Isaiah, but felt completely unfocused. I kneeled down on the bed and prayed to God to fight for me and to give me peace.

These verses coursed through my head:

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

1 Peter 5:7

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Showing up to City Hall, I signed in at the Parking Violations Bureau office. A woman went in the Hearing office shortly after I sat down in the waiting area. I waited and each minute that passed felt like an eon. I closed my eyes and prayed silently. The lady came out merely ten minutes later and did not look too happy. She went to the front desk and whipped out her wallet to pay for the ticket. She lost her case.

I thought to myself surely I will be doing that soon enough. I was next to speak to the attorney. She asked me how I was doing as I shut the door. I nervously said I was fine while I looked around the empty room. Her desk was raised on a platform and looked down to where I was to sit.

Surprisingly, I was calm. I stated two of my major reasons only to find that they would not support my case. Then, I showed her the picture evidence I brought in and became more honest with her. After she spoke aloud her thoughts, she nonchalantly said, “I am going to dismiss this ticket. I would have parked there too.” I do not think she understood the immediate relief I felt from her saying that. That was it? That was not too bad, it was almost easy!

She then asked me if I was a student and I said yes. From there we had a conversation about school, loans, and after-school plans. Our conversation was actually helpful and encouraging.

Before leaving, she gave me a receipt, which said:

Decision: DISMISSED. The violation is dismissed as the allegations contained in the notice of violation are not established by substantial evidence and/or do not constitute a violation of the Vehicle and Traffic Law or the Syracuse Traffic Code.

Wow. Praise the Lord AGAIN! I got out of one potential (or eventual) ticket and then another one! I had won with His help the parking ticket(s) battle, but I then think about how He has won, not just a battle, but THE WAR. Jesus defeats death and reigns victorious.

Jesus, I praise You in ALL circumstances. I thank You for fighting this insignificant battle for me. I praise You for defeating not just these minuscule parking tickets but for protecting me and winning the war. Amen.


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