Clap if you mean it

Clapping is a sign of appreciation. It is a form used after speakers make a presentation. It is also used as an expression of praise for our Lord.

At the end of our guest speaker’s talk in class today, the students clapped. Of course, it started with the awkward do I clap? Would I be the only one? type of clap. During the clap, I looked around the room. The students were not smiling or looking towards the guest, but instead I observed them looking down or rolled and their bodies were slouched or leaning on one leg. Their body language did not match the clap, which should  be done when you truly mean it.

When I praise Jesus, I sometimes wonder if I actually mean it at the moment or if I am following the crowd and their sways and raised hands. Do I praise Him with my lips and not my heart?

Dear Jesus, I thank You for dying for hypocrites like myself. I pray that I will praise You in everything and that it would not be with just my lips, but with all of my heart, mind, and soul. Amen.


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