Coincidental or Purposeful?

I will make this particular post quick. It is a praise. But give thanks in all circumstances, am I right?

My Tuesdays and Thursdays are unbelievably long- a nonstop 6am to 8pm and beyond. Normally, I bike to and from places, but because of the rain, I chose to walk. *The rain whipping from the tires onto your butt and coming to class like a wet dog is not the most pleasant experience.* Instead of using the convenience of my bike to come home during my short breaks, I decided that I would just stay on campus until my last class.

The amount of stuff I was bringing with me was ridiculous- it would seem to the outside world that I was carrying my house with me. While I was walking from the gym to work, I was thinking wouldn’t that be crazy if my roommate so happened to pass by and would be able to take my stuff home. Shortly after I thought this, one of my roommates passes by at the exact time as I did. WHOAH.

I told my roommate (who is also a Christian) about how crazy this was and how I believed God answered my prayer. Her response was that she never even goes home at that time!

How amazing that my load could be literally lifted off my shoulders- that I did not have to go through the rest of my day with this extra burden upon my back. Praise the Lord.

Thank You Lord for not only taking this small burden from me today, but for taking upon Your shoulders the ultimate burden of the entire world- sin. Without You, I could do nothing. Amen.


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