The reward of taking 1-credit classes

You would think that attending Syracuse University would provide amazing opportunities for all students; however, I found that taking one-credit classes are oftentimes more rewarding.

First of all, the instructors for these classes are extremely knowledgeable in their subject area. These professionals study, practice, and live and breathe the courses that they are teaching.

So far at SU, I have taken Women’s Self Defense, Hip Hop, Gymnastics, Yoga and Fencing.

The Women’s Self Defense instructor was a passionate woman. She helped empower students and inspired them through her stories and her care for the safety of each and every one of them.

The Gymnastics instructor has the gymnastics room named after him. He was an older gentleman and was an athlete at Syracuse. In class, he supported his students learning, encouraged them and gave advice for their improvement.

The Hip Hop instructor was enthusiastic about teaching and dancing. Her movements were seemingly flawless and she moved with great emphasis and power. Her teaching style was to help her students become more educated on the origins of hip hop as she incorporated different cultures into our dance routine.

I spoke about my yoga instructor a few posts ago; however, she has been such a pleasure to be taught by. She is a Korean mother of two children and had hopes of becoming a dance instructor. I am so honored to have been her student. She challenged my physical strength, flexibility and balance. Her class was calm and quiet, which allowed me to meditate and pray. The stories she shared with me and her passion for yoga and dance was astounding. I gave her a ‘thank you’ card at the last class and she responded with a glimmer in her eyes and a hug. She emailed me several weeks later with a precious thank you and good luck to me and my future.

The last one-credit course I am taking at Syracuse University is one that I was contemplating dropping before even beginning it. I am so glad I gave it a shot. The instructor is amazing. He was a professional and came close to the Olympics. He is humble and his teaching helped me to appreciate the world of fencing and the training, agility and smarts these individuals must have. During my fencing matches, he is constantly giving me tips between each point on how to improve and ultimately, win. However, other people in this class do not think like me. The majority of the smaller class are disrespectful- they are always on their phones, plug in their headphones, talk when he is speaking, and do not listen to his instruction. He has verbalized to me how terrible that is to have these people in this class.

How blessed I am to have such amazing instructors who are passionate about what they do and genuinely care for their students. I have also gained more respect for different subject areas that I have never tried before. I thank God for giving me these opportunities that I would not otherwise get outside of Syracuse University.


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