When I was down, you sent someone to pick me up

It is beginning to hit me… that I will actually be graduating this December and entering what people call true “adulthood.” In preparation for adult-y things, I applied for several jobs in the past few days.

I am not sure if feeling depressed comes with the territory, but that is exactly how I felt when I was searching for jobs. Every time I typed in a phrase and looked at job descriptions and their requirements, I felt as if I could not meet any of the them nor did I feel truly prepared to take on such “big-girl jobs.” I felt like Moses, who felt like unequipped to speak to the people.

A friend of mine, whom I do not hear often from, gave me a call. She explained to me her training regimen and asked me questions about exercises and for advice. I explained each question and was able to apply my knowledge and experience in this real-world case.

Little did my friend know how much this conversation made me feel professional. I thanked her and told her how this was so encouraging because I had recently been depressed. She was stunned by this and continued to encourage me. She told me that I am definitely ready and that I do know things. And with more experience, I will grow and learn even more! She ended the conversation saying that I was her ‘exercise guru’ and one of her trusted go-tos in this field. What I explained to her on the phone lined up with what she had researched and had asked of other health and exercises professionals. Hearing this really helped encourage me.

Oftentimes, I feel like I am too young. I am not experienced enough. I am not smart enough. I am small and insignificant. But God has a funny way  of placing people in our lives to encourage us when we are feeling down and I am so thankful that He does.

Lord, i am anxious about my future. You tell me to cast all my cares on You and here i am, surrendering my future, my ‘plans’ and my life to You. You hold me in Your hands, You know my future, You know what is best for me. i pray that i can trust in Your plan for me. Make it clear to me and i pray that it would be in a tangible way Lord. Be my guide and comfort. Amen.


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