Recognizing the sound of a familiar voice

Yesterday was the New York City Marathon. It is one of the most well-known race world wide. A whopping 50,000+ runners participated and came from all over the place- Denmark, France, Germany, China, etc. My parents have been training for this marathon for over a year now. They complete the 9+1 program, which guarantees entry into the following year.

For my parents, this race was extremely important to them. Hours and hours were dedicated to running for months for this one moment (4-5 hours to be exact).

I decided to drive from school to cheer them on. This meant waiting for hours and walking from one mile spot to another to see them pass by within ten seconds. The crowds were crazy at most of the race course- music blared from the bars, cowbells rang, and friends and family cheered from the side. It is a wonder how any runner can find his or her family member in such a commotion.

My sister and I were waiting on the sidewalk and watching closely for my father and mother. We were tracking both mom and dad on the TCS NY Marathon app to see their exact movements. The app said that dad was close by. Finally we saw him in his blue running outfit. We screamed, “Go Dad!” He quickly glanced to where the screams were and waved his hands belligerently in the air in response. A huge smile crossed his face.

Out of the huge crowds of fans cheering, it is crazy how he was able to recognize our voices. So many people that day must have been yelling out ‘dad’ and our dad had no clue where exactly we would be waiting. There is something about being so familiar with the voice of someone you know that you could detect them within a crowd.

In the same way, I think about how to listen to the Lord. By learning how to recognize who He is through the Bible and prayer, we can distinguish His voice more easily. It will become more natural.

Lord, I am a bad listener, I admit. Please help me to be patient and learn how to listen to You. I pray I can become better at learning how to hear from You and to block out other voices that oppose Yours. Amen.


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