Patriot’s Day

Recently, I began my first real training at the AMC movie theaters. The motives of most people who apply for a job at any movie theatre is to obtain free passes to any movie(s) they desire. Although this was not my ulterior motive, it was a great icing on the cake (ew, I hate icing, I don’t know why I said that).

My sister is ALL about using my job for its single greatest benefit (and it’s not the minimum wage I’m pretty sure). So of course, we went to see a movie, one that was not my first choice. Patriot’s Day. 

I hadn’t seen any commercials for it and I felt bad that I had only worked two shifts before taking up AMC on its free offer. Patriot’s Day was about the Boston Marathon bombings.

Immediately, the movie capture me and my heart. My sister and I were anticipating the events that were to happen. We knew the basics of what happened, but seeing the emotions the actors and actresses put into their role made me feel like I was there. At the boom of the first bombing, we jumped out of our seats. As the panic in the atmosphere developed, my sister bawled and my heart seemed to stop for a moment. I forced myself to hold myself together, to hold back tears.

I know movies are not the same as the real event. But I do know that movies are an “art”-they express a deeper meaning and share emotion with the audience. The directors for this movie did just that.

Leaving the theatres, my sister and I drove with seriousness and sadness on our hearts. We discussed how it is so difficult to “feel” or empathize for terrible attacks like this. 9/11, the Orlando club shootings, the Sandy Hook elementary shooting, and unfortunately so much more. We were not directly involved with such attacks, but we did not know what to do in these cases. How do we react? How do we show support?

At the end of my posts, if it is relevant, I try to tie back in a Christian message…

I had heard the crucifixion of Christ so many times in stories. It was not until one Resurrection (Easter) Sunday that I had heard the message told in a different manner. The pastor was so descriptive and passionate about Christ’s death on the cross… his friends watching Him hang and witnessing the bloodied and mangled Jesus up there on the cross. I was so moved by this message, which created a deeper passion for the death of Christ, but the significance of His resurrection.

Unfortunately this world is sick. People are sinful and evil is rampant. More attacks WILL happen. It is a sad and terrible truth. What we can “do” is follow Christ’s example and live lives sacrificially for others and to love others. Christ is our single greatest hope. After watching this movie, Patriot’s Day, I thought about temporary this world is and how soon Jesus will come for us. Thank You Lord. Jesus come soon. Amen.



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