Quitting After Logan

When I was hired at AMC theatre, I joked to my friend, “I’m quitting right after Logan comes out.”

I was chatting with my co-worker from AMC last Tuesday about jobs. I spoke to him about my desire to earn more than just minimum wage. He told me about a position he had in the summer at a family-owned restaurant as a delivery man. He openly mentioned to me his pay, the great tips he made and the wonderful people he had worked with. I was shocked by the hourly wage they had offered him and was unexplainably giddy about the idea of working for this restaurant. In my mind, I had been calculating the pay I would earn and how much of that I would use to pay back my student loans. I could not wait until my shift could end so that I could inquire about a position with the company.

After my shift, I raced to my car and rang up the restaurant. Answering the phone was a woman with a thick Italian accent. I asked if there were any delivery positions open. She told me that they had just hired someone but explained that if it fell through, she would call me. As soon as I hung up the phone, my excitement died down. My wishful thinking and hopes of finding a job that would save me from my lowly AMC position was quickly squashed.

In hopes of the woman on the phone would call me back and say “actually we do have a job opening,” I was thinking about my times of availability. I was worried that they would ask for hours that I could not commit to because of my conflicts with my internship.



That Saturday morning, I woke up early to open for AMC. To my surprise, the restaurant called me and left me a voicemail. I discovered that they wanted to schedule an interview. I immediately told them that I would be free after my shift. In my excitement, I texted some friends and my family about this opportunity.

After my shift, I rushed home to change into a nicer outfit. Unfortunately, I came home to disapproving parents. Angrily, they shared their opinions and concerns of my use of the car for the job. They were worried that I would get in a car accident (although I could get in a car accident anywhere) and have the car totaled. My parents did not want our insurance to go up because of any accident.

Furiously I ignored my parents and ran out of the house to get to my interview with the restaurant. While driving there, I bitterly replayed the conversation with my parents. I could not understand how they could not see my point of view and how this job would be for the better.

Parking in front of the restaurant, I spoke a short prayer. God if I am not supposed to have this job, make it abundantly clear. Stop me if I am not to have this job. I felt some peace as I walked into the restaurant.

The owner, Clara, greeted me and I introduced myself. Getting straight to the point, she explained what the job would entail. She asked if I was okay with Monday through Friday from 12 to 6. Earlier on, I had been stressing over my unavailability in the mornings and this time was PERFECT. PLUS, I would not have to work on Saturdays which was a huge victory. At AMC, I would often be depressed working the weekends-it is hard waking up early and waste all daylight at work.

I asked Clara if I would have to use my car for the job, to which she answered yes. I voiced my parents concern about putting miles on my old car. Without mentioning the possibility of an accident (why would I mention my fears of getting into an accident- that would sound like I’m a terrible driver aka no hire), she brought up the fact that if anything were to happen that I would be under her company’s insurance. In that moment, my prayer was answered. The job was perfect in all ways– I would be making way more money, the hours were too-good-to-be-true, I would not have to work weekends and I would be under her insurance if anything were to happen to my car.

Parking outside my house, I again prayed that my parents would be calm and accepting of this new job. They were calm and understanding when I explained to them about the insurance and what Clara told me. They felt more reassured, and now I have officially taken up this offer with the restaurant.

Logan comes out this Thursday night. My last official day at AMC is this Saturday.What was at first a joke that I would leave right after Logan comes out is becoming a reality. How crazy it is that I am actually going to leave AMC after Logan comes out? Praise God.



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